7 Suggestions To Nail The Co-Star Audition






Received a co-star audition and undecided the place to start? Nicely, welcome to the precise place!

These 7 suggestions will assist set your self up for fulfillment so you possibly can nail your co-star audition.


Co-star roles in tv, and featured roles in movie, are thought of functionary roles. A functionary function – you guessed it! – serves a perform within the telling of the story.

These roles are written to:

  • Transfer the plot alongside.
  • Add to the fact/believability of the atmosphere.
  • Assist the primary character 
  • Hinder the primary character
  • Reveal one thing about the primary/ or secondary character.

In your co-star audition, it’s necessary to know why your character was written into the script, and what function they serve to progress the story.

Understanding this data and understanding your function will provide you with the arrogance to clarify and particular selections that show you how to guide the gig!


This will likely appear to be the obvious performing tip ever, however bear with us! 

Functionary roles are normally characters who’re on the job ultimately. No matter what that job is, be certain that you seem like good at it – or at the very least ok that somebody would pay you to do it!

Keep in mind, functionary characters are there to additional the story and add to the fact/believability of the atmosphere. This doesn’t work if the actor has no thought what they’re doing within the job! A  barista who can’t pour espresso will certainly distract from the scene greater than add to its believability.

It’s simple to default to “niceness” with the intention to act like a “good worker”. This doesn’t all the time make for probably the most fascinating alternative or probably the most plausible illustration of somebody on the clock.

For those who’ve ever been a cog within the machine of capitalism, you’ll know that it’s almost inconceivable to be an worker who is continually blissful, radiating sunshine and rainbows, and nonetheless getting their work achieved! As an alternative, begin from a spot of effectivity and helpfulness, and layer on from there.


Now that your perform throughout the story, and are plausible within the job, it’s time to layer in a “perspective”. 

This perspective may be something from private historical past, a selected discovery, and even some sort of thriller/secret (Guidepost 12!) about your self or the character with you within the scene.

As a functionary character, the scene isn’t about you. How devastating! Nonetheless, its nonetheless necessary to present your functionary character a perspective. It will make for a extra dynamic efficiency. It’s going to additionally show you how to, the actor, get out of your head and really feel extra grounded within the scene.

Perhaps you might have an enormous crush in your married boss? Scandalous! Perhaps you simply gained $100 in a wager with a coworker? Dream large!

That is the time whenever you get to be inventive and convey some extra of your self and your creativeness to the work. Simply be certain that to not make any selections that distract from the storytelling, or that will get the individual you’re portraying fired from their job…


Some of the necessary issues to contemplate is your relationship with the opposite individuals within the scene. 

The best way a barista interacts with a daily buyer, who’s been coming in on daily basis for years and ordering the identical espresso, goes to be utterly completely different than the way in which they work together with a model new buyer who’s by no means been within the store earlier than.

In case you are in a scene with a “stranger”, think about how you are feeling about them, how that influences your interactions, and what selections you can also make to mirror this relationship.


The place you might be bodily, and your relationship to that house, is an extremely necessary factor to contemplate when approaching a co-star or featured function.  Setting is so necessary for actors that Shurtleff devoted a complete Guidepost simply to “Place”!

Take into consideration the place the scene takes place and the way your functionary character feels in that atmosphere. Perhaps you are feeling extremely snug right here since you are in control of the house…or perhaps the alternative! How does your relationship to this house affect your physique, voice, and actions?

When creating your imaginary atmosphere,  it’ll be useful to create one other space of focus – apart from your companion – to assist set up the place you might be.

Perhaps this co-star audition is for a grocery retailer worker checking on how the cabinets are stocked… or a restaurant host ready for company to stroll within the door. Simply bear in mind to be particular, as specificity is the important thing to good performing.


Having a well-thought-out starting, center and finish will make for clear storytelling and a well-crafted co-star audition.

Make certain there’s life earlier than and after the scene – you possibly can’t simply be some individual standing round ready to say a line!

Fun with on camera acting

Keep in mind to be alive and energetic within the house in a selected means earlier than the digicam is on, and after the digicam is turned off.

When unsure, bear in mind your perform within the scene. If it’s so as to add to the fact of the atmosphere, discover what it’s wish to be concerned in your job. Chances are you’ll be stocking cabinets, getting ready to take an order, checking a pc, and so forth. Simply be certain that what you’re doing is evident, and that it provides to your audition as a substitute of distracting from it. 


Props and miming take the main focus off of your performing and put it onto one thing else – the prop! 

You need the individual watching your self-tape to suppose “Wow! What nice selections! I just like the perspective they added to this functionary character.”

You don’t need them watching and considering “What’s in that cup? Is it espresso? I would like espresso! Oh, I hope they don’t spill sizzling espresso on themself!” Or “I ponder the place they bought that shirt they’re folding? That’s a fantastic shirt. That may look nice on me.”

Take management of what you possibly can take management of, and don’t let something pointless distract out of your work. If you wish to do one thing associated to your character’s job throughout your self-tape, simply remember to preserve that enterprise out of the shot. This manner, it should nonetheless add to your atmosphere and inform your selections, with out distracting out of your work.

There you might have it! 7 suggestions to assist set you up for fulfillment when approaching a co-star or featured audition.

On the lookout for extra assist with auditions? Click on the picture under to see Adria Daybreak’s unimaginable performing coaching video on self-taping!

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