How Overthinking Music Concept Might Hinder Your Creativity






A agency grasp of music idea is likely one of the strongest belongings you may have as a songwriter. Music idea offers you a broad understanding of the music you hear and helps you apply what you observe to your music. It additionally locations an array of musical choices proper at your fingertips. Nevertheless, what if this isn’t at all times a superb factor? This isn’t an argument in opposition to studying the ins and outs of music idea and making use of that data to your music. As a substitute, it’s a reminder that music idea alone can’t substitute your inventive instinct as a songwriter. You’ll be able to create unbelievable music with solely your creativity, however not in case you’re purely counting on music idea.

How overthinking music idea hurts your writing course of

Music idea units the muse for studying about core elements resembling chords, scales, or how chord progressions operate. It doesn’t take note of the inventive strategy of writing a track. Belief your ears in figuring out what and the way you create earlier than anything. You could miss out on progressive concepts in case you get boxed in by the dos and don’ts of music idea. For instance, transferring from a G Main chord to an F# Dominant is probably not a standard observe. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to deviate from the principles if it sounds good and is sensible to you!

It’s additionally necessary to keep in mind that music idea explains and defines the core elements of music, however just isn’t meant as a blueprint for creation. Not all elements of your inventive course of have to be considered by way of a music idea lens. There are numerous examples in widespread music the place artists have strayed from typical music idea parameters. In consequence, they’ve managed to create a singular and compelling sound that resonates with their listeners. Music idea can clarify composition decisions that sound bizarre or odd, so it’s not useful to consider issues in black and white. If it sounds good, write it.

How music idea might help your songwriting course of

Music idea is a large assist when utilized in tandem along with your creativity. With music idea, you may achieve a deeper understanding of how technical components match into your track. It might additionally open up completely different inventive instructions to discover along with your music. It’s wonderful for providing you with a broader perspective of the music you hear each day and permitting you to include what you want into your songs. So long as your inventive instinct comes first and idea follows, it may be a massively highly effective software to depend on in your songwriting.

RebeccaHow Overthinking Music Concept Might Hinder Your Creativity

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