Unhealthy Kitty: Funniest Rebellious Cat Memes of Kitties Who Are Extra Dramatic than the Election Outcomes






Politics is all the time a whirlwind of emotion, semi-violent impulses, and continuously exams your will to hold on on this life. JUST LIKE CATS. The federal government is a crucial evil that exists in our society and, identical to the malevolent kitty dwelling in your own home, will generally be so dramatic and ridiculous, you begin to marvel why you have got it in any respect. For instance, when your cat wakes up at 4AM and decides to run a dash marathon in your 1 bed room residence, you begin to query why you also have a cat. 


You give your kitten meals, shelter, and countless love and what do they repay you with? Infinite meowing and begging for consideration at daybreak, scratches in your ankles, and a questionable nervousness to exist in your individual residence. Not solely that, however cats are additionally so dramatic. The second they resolve to offer you consideration, you have to return the favor or all Hell breaks unfastened. Cats are like the federal government: unpredictable, drama-filled, and all the time waking you up at within the morning with a hairball. 

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