Nigeria Music star, Tiwa Savage writes petition against Davido to IGP, alleges threat to life

Tiwa responded, reminding Davido not to contact her, especially considering her past support during challenging times, such as the loss of his son.

There seems not to be end in sight to the feud currently tearing Afrobeat queen, Tiwa Savage and music star, Davido as the former has filed a petition with the police, claiming that her life is under threat from Davido.

The dispute unfolded on December 23 when Tiwa posted on her Instagram Story alongside Sophia Momodu.

In response, Davido messaged Tiwa’s manager, expressing displeasure and accusing her of taunting him with disrespectful words.

Tiwa responded, reminding Davido not to contact her, especially considering her past support during challenging times, such as the loss of his son.

The aftermath of this exchange resulted in a barrage of calls and messages from mutual connections, questioning Tiwa about her actions.

Davido allegedly portrayed her as the aggressor, expressing dissatisfaction with her maintaining a relationship with Sophia Momodu, Imade’s mother, with whom he is reportedly having issues.

Disturbingly, Davido warned through mutual connections that Tiwa should “be careful in Lagos” because he intended to harm her.

It was observed that Tiwa perceived this as a form of online and offline harassment, affecting not only her but also members of her team.

In her petition, she contended that Davido’s actions violated her constitutional rights to life, privacy, and dignity.

“The events of that day have also led to a barrage of calls and messages from our mutual connections, asking me what I did to MR. DAVID ADELEKE that he’s upset that I choose to maintain a relationship with Imade’s mother, Sophia Momodu who he’s having issues with and also painting the exchange to look like I was the aggressor. He has also told our mutual connections to warn me to “becareful in Lagos because he was going to f**k me up”.

This is beginning to feel like some form of online and offline harassment not just to me but also members of my team.

The actions of MR. DAVID ADELEKE are unethical and can be viewed as a direct threat to my rights to life, privacy and dignity of my person.”

She specifically references Chapter 4 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) and Section 24(2)(a) of the Cybercrime (Prohibition, Prevention, Etc.) Act, 2015.

She added further that “1 therefore would like to make this complaint, and to state that in the event that anything untoward or harmful were to happen to me or any member of my family, I will like the members of the Nigerian Police Force to hold MR. DAVID ADELEKE responsible. I am available to answer any questions or provide any additional information regarding this matter.”

Their recent unfollowing of each other on Instagram serves as a public manifestation of their discord.

Tiwa emphasised that if any harm befalls her or her family, she holds Davido accountable.

She attached screenshot images of the exchange between them to support her claims, urging the Nigerian Police Force to investigate the matter promptly.

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