Football Federation to appear before House of Reps on Thursday

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) will appear two times in just twenty four hours before the House of Representatives Adhoc Committee over investigation on the dispute between Super falcons and the federation.

The Committee was assigned with responsibility to investigate the unpaid bonuses and allowances of the Super Falcons.

The Committee Chaired by Honourable Blessing Onuh Onyeche expressed disappointment and described as affront on the House of Representatives as the Federation’s President, Ibrahim Gusau and other Executive Members failed to come with the General Secretary, Sanusi Mohammed.

According to the Chairman of the Committee, the NFF President cited ill-health as an excuse not to appear before House but was strong enough to go on jamboree to FIFA Women’s World Cup final when his house is on fire .

The Committee told the NFF that the sitting cannot be possible without the presence of Gusau. Hence, the adjournment to Thursday morning at the National Assembly.

The federation is expected to provide details of how the monies given to them by the Federal Government were used regarding the Super Falcons preparation and participation at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World up in Australia and New Zealand

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